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Priza platform is incredibly especially extremely flexible and fully customizable.

Our Apps

Service Cloud

Manage and control the service and support for your customrs using Priza service cloud system.

Tasks Cloud

Manage and control workforce tasks in your organization using Priza shared tasks cloud system.

Business Cloud

Manage and control your organiztion business operation with Priza business cloud system.

CRM Cloud

Manage and control your customers and leads with Priza CRM cloud system.

Human Resource Cloud

Recruiting, on-line registration, filtering and placement of employees. Control and manage employees catalog and history.

On-line Surveys

Create organization's on-line surveys using Priza-Net surveys system.

Sys-Genitor Platform

Let us Build you any cloud based information system with great flexebility and customization options for reasonable price.

and more...

Reduce costs and paper work, increase efficiency, enable on-line registrations, filter and sort potential applicants and manage scholarships operations by using Priza scholarship cloud.
Manage and control your organiztion's operations from top to bottom using Priza Sys-Genitor platform.
Manage and control your K12's operations using Priza Sys-Genitor platform.

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Over 12,000 users use Priza cloud platform. Meet our customers.

Meet the Team

  • Tal Kidan CEO

    Tal Kidan, the technological and innovative founder of the company, is in charge of Priza's unique cloud information systems platform, the SysGenitor, as well as responsible for the management of Priza's platform based applications development projects.
    Tal holds M.Sc. in physics from the Technion - Israel's Institute of Technology as well as M.B.A. from Haifa University with specialization in information systems. Tal brings with him many years of innovation and experience in information systems and cloud information technology.

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  • Sharon Holzer Project Manager

    Sharon Holzer serves as director of web based projects at Priza with many years of deep experience in database and cloud based applications.
    Sharon holds B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from The College of Management and B.A. in economy and management from Tel-Aviv University. Sharon brings with him experience and knowledge in cloud systems development.

  • Hila Shrem Project Manager

    Hila Shrem serves as Director of cloud information systems projects at Priza. Hila holds B.Sc. in Computer Science and Math from Bar-Ilan University. Hila brings with her experience in managing web based systems development projects.

  • Shani Bard Project Manager

    Shani Bard serves as director of cloud based application projects as well as part of the developing team of the unique cloud information systems platform, the SysGenitor.
    Shani has experience and deep understanding of cloud based applications development. Shani holds B.Sc. in Computer Science from Haifa University with specialization in cloud based information systems.

  • Einat Shwartz Project Manager

    Einat Shwartz serves as cloud information systems projects programmer at Priza. Einat holds a B.A. in Biology from Bar-Ilan University and underwent retraining to programming and information systems analysis in database development environment. Einat is a graduate of military service at Mamram and she brings with her experience in the development of databases and cloud information systems.

  • Liron Maayan Office Manager

    Liron Maayan serves as an administrative office manager at Priza. Liron holds a B.A. in management and M.B.A. from The Ramat-Gan College. liron brings with her experience in administrative management and uptodate cloud information systems and internet environement.

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